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Balkonkraftwerk Testsieger

My Solar Plant Balcony Power Plant

For clever energy savers. Best quality, affordable prices and lots of Made in Germany

Buy responsibly

Transform your home into a powerhouse

Do you like saving money? Do you want to take responsibility for our environment? Switching to solar energy is a win-win deal! Save money and protect the environment at the same time.

  • Für kleine Stromrechnungen

    Save on electricity bills

    Reduce your electricity bill immediately

  • Balkonkraftwerk mit einfacher Montage

    easy installation

    No matter where your solar modules are installed, you will find the right solution.

  • Mit einem Balkonkraftwerk zu mehr Nachhaltigkeit

    Low maintenance

    Once set up, enjoy the peace and let the sun work for you

Solar für Umweltschützer

Let us use clean energy and preserve the future

Why rely on conventional power sources when you can generate solar power at home? Rely on our solar test winners to protect future generations.

Both tenants and homeowners can generate their own solar power in order to live as independently from electricity as possible. This helps everyone save costs and improve their ecological footprint.

Mein-Solarwerk Flachdachaufständerung

Looking for a place in the sun!

Get to know us, our ideas and the idea behind my-Solarwerk.

My Solar Plant Impressions

To the sets

Mini PV on the garden shed

To the sets

Plug-in solar for the flat roof / carport

To the sets

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