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  • Brennenstuhl energy measuring device Primera-Line PM 231 E Aktuell nicht verfügbar

    Brennenstuhl energy measuring device Primera-Line PM 231 E

    The Primera-Line energy measuring device PM 231 E from Brennenstuhl is used to save costs and energy. The electricity meter allows you to measure voltage, frequency, current, power factor and power of all connected devices. You can use the energy measuring device to measure both the purchase and the consumption, so that you can optimally monitor your mini PV or balcony power plant. It also calculates the total energy consumption and thus determines all the “power guzzlers” in the household or office. The ammeter also impresses with the following features: 2 individually adjustable electricity tariffs Includes 3 LR44 batteries for data storage in the event of a power failure Socket with child protection For indoor use (IP20) characteristics Product type Energy meter number d. Socket pots 1 Max. load capacity 3600 watts Maximum protection 16 amps integrated overvoltage protection No Maximum filtered peak voltage 230 volts Input voltage 230 - volts Width 80mm Height 137mm depth 77mm Weight 180g Color Silver scope of delivery 1 Primera-Line energy meter incl. 3 LR44 batteries Packing dimensions (WxHxD) (cm) 7.7x8x13.7cm Manufacturer item number 1506600


  • Sale -61% Off Betteri waterproof end cap end cap

    Betteri waterproof end cap end cap

    Betteri end cap for the waterproof closure of inverters Maybe they've already noticed. The inverters have connection plugs for solar modules, but also an additional input cable. This connection allows a large number of inverters to be connected in series. If you do not want to connect in series, you should close the contact with the end cap to protect against water penetration. This is where the end cap comes into play. For all common inverter models Envertech Hoymiles Revolt Tsun


  • Sale -43% Off Betteri BC01 female

    Betteri socket connector female BC01

    Betteri connector adapter female BC01 Betteri socket for Envertech and Hoymiles The BC01 socket is used to connect an inverter. For cable extension with waterproof plug connection of the Betteri plug outdoors or indoors. The Betterie female socket is plugged into the output plug of the inverter. The three-pole connection is made via screw contacts. The poles are clearly labeled to avoid confusion. For all common inverter models Envertech Hoymiles Revolt Tsun Scope of delivery: 1 female connector Betteri Click here for the Betteri male plug & end cap


  • Sale -28% Off Betteri male BC01 connector Aktuell nicht verfügbar

    Betteri male BC01 connector

    Betteri male BC01 adapter plug for Envertech and Hoymiles inverters Would you like to extend the cable of your inverter? or lay the supply line from one inverter to another inverter? Then the Betteri plug is exactly the right adapter for your inverters from Hoymiles or Envertech. For cable extension with waterproof plug connection of the Betteri plug BC01 connector type male Scope of delivery: 1 connector type male Click here for the Betteri female plug & end cap


  • Anschlußkabel mit AP-Systems Kabel Solar

    Connection cable for microinverters

    3-wire connection cable for microinverters for connecting the microinverter and the house line. The ending is always delivered open. This means that the cable can be routed flexibly and the desired end can also be mounted with, for example, the Schuko plug, Wieland plug or the permanent connection. The cables have the following properties for outdoor laying and long-term exposure to weather and temperature Protection from water Protection from light Protection from cold/heat Can be laid underground You need one cable for each inverter. The connection cables with battery plugs are suitable for inverters from Hoymiles and Envertech and other manufacturers. We supply the AP Systems extension cables with original Wieland plug connections for connection to the AP Systems inverters. The 1m connection cable from AP-Systems is part of the offer. Scope of delivery: Cable in the desired length (5m, 10m, 20m), ready crimped One side with mounted battery or Wieland plug, other side open for AP-Systems cable 1m AP-Systems connection cable with Wieland plug Complementary products: Schuko plug Inverter Open questions? Call us (02761/ 606 91 57) FAQ with the most important questions and answers Blog posts on the topic of balcony power plants


  • Luminea outdoor WiFi socket Aktuell nicht verfügbar

    Luminea outdoor WiFi socket

    Luminea Home Control Outdoor Socket Energy cost meter & electricity production meter Characteristics: Switchable WiFi socket for garden houses, balconies, terraces etc. Worldwide access via internet and smartphone app (iOS & Android) Wifi compatible Free app for control, timer function and current measurement Timer & Schedule to turn devices on/off Splash-proof with IP44 Compatible with Amazon Alexa Socket can handle up to 3,680 watts Maximum current: 16 A Dimensions: 66 x 66 x 111 mm, weight: 150 g scope of delivery WiFi socket Instructions Luminea SF-550.avs


  • M10 hammer head screw & nut with locking teeth

    M10 hammer head screw & nut with locking teeth

    Description: Hammer head screw for fastening support triangles. The hammer head screws connect the mounting system to the profile rails. The hammer head rotates in the channel of the mounting rail and locks the profile. The thread of the screw looks out of the profile. The nut locks with locking teeth to prevent the screw from loosening. Hammer head suitable for profile 28/15 Scope of delivery: 1 hammer head screw M10 25mm 1 nut with locking teeth M10


  • Cylinder head screw for attaching inverters

    Cylinder head screw for attaching inverters

    M8 cylinder head screw with hexagon socket for mounting inverters. The screw enables the inverter to be firmly installed directly in the channel of the profile rail. The inverter is installed protected under the modules. The screw is delivered including the lock washer and the slanted nut (hammer head threaded nut). Scope of delivery: 1 cylinder head screw M8 16mm or 20mm 1 lock washer 1 rhombus nut


  • Wieland socket part 96.031.4053.1 female

    Wieland socket part 96.031.4053.1 female

    Socket part RST20i3, 3-pole for safe installation. Socket part in screw technology, 250V/20A, for cable diameter 6-10 mm, coding color black, housing color black. IP66/68 Scope of delivery: Insert socket part Housing 99.449.6046.6 96.031.4053.1


  • Roof hook vario 3-way adjustable

    Roof hook vario 3-way adjustable

    Roof hook for solar mounting tile roof The triple flexible PV roof hook adapts ideally to the conditions of your tiled roof. Regardless of whether there is single or double battens under the pans, whether the rafters and pans are not evenly distributed or whether the distance between solar modules and roof tiles should be flexibly aligned. With a three-way adjustable roof hook, you retain the choice for your solar installation. The flexibility of steel roof hooks guarantee decades of dynamic balancing of loads caused by wind, snow and weather. Due to the flexible installation, our roof hooks are particularly suitable for mounting a balcony power plant on the roof or for mounting several solar modules on the tiled roof. Roof hooks are screwed to the roof rafters with washer head screws. A hammerhead screw connects the roof hook to the profile rail, onto which the solar modules are attached. scope of delivery 1 x roof hook, 3-way adjustable in height and width Complementary products Mounting profile Hammer head screw End clamp & middle clamps Profile connector End cap Here you will find our complete tile roof installation set for one or two solar modules with all components for solar installation. Click here for the installation instructions for attaching to the pitched roof with roof tiles


  • Sale -13% Off AVM FRITZ!DECT 210 Intelligent socket [splash-proof (IP44)] Aktuell nicht verfügbar

    AVM FRITZ!DECT 210 Intelligent socket [splash-proof (IP44)]

    AVM FRITZ!DECT 210 Intelligent socket [splash-proof (IP44)] Product features Measurement of consumption and power generation from plug-in solar devices Display of electricity generation PC or app controlled Two-pole isolation from the power grid (switching off phase (L) and neutral conductor (N)) Switchable socket with power consumption measurement, controllable via the FRITZ!Box (intelligent DECT socket) Use in ambient temperatures from -20°C to +40°C Switching connected devices, including via smartphone or FRITZ!Fon Interference-free and securely encrypted DECT radio with a long range Convenient programming according to an individually set schedule Temperature sensor Range up to 300m outdoors / 40m indoors Necessary accessories: AVM Fritz-Box to use the full range of services Contents: Power outlet Instructions


  • Wieland distributor for coupling balcony power plants 96.030.0153.1

    Wieland distributor for coupling balcony power plants 96.030.0153.1

    Wieland RST20i3 distribution block 3-pole, application 250V with PE, 20A, for coupling up to three inverters at 3 inputs and 1 output to the house line, with mounting option, coding color black, housing color black In the following article you will find information on connecting several balcony power plants and using the Wieland distribution block Scope of delivery: distribution block Closing cap for inputs that may not be required Possible setup: 2 Wieland plugs (inputs from the inverter to the distribution block) distribution block 1 Wieland socket part (output to house line) Complementary products: Wieland device connection Wieland angle plug Wieland power socket Wieland socket part Open questions? Call Call us (02761/ 606 91 57) FAQ with the most important questions and answers Blog posts on the subject of balcony power plants 96.030.0153.1 Z5.564.4553.1



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